Results after 30 minutes of Fascial Stretch Therapy. Notice the joy of moving free!

Results after 30 minutes of Fascial Stretch Therapy. Notice the joy of moving free!

Results after 2 sessions of Fascial Stretch Therapy

Results after 2 sessions of Fascial Stretch Therapy

Results after 30 minutes of Fascial Stretch Therapy

Results after 30 minutes of Fascial Stretch Therapy

Tessa T.

I started FST in May 2016 because I was out of shape had low energy and knee issues  Thanks to Rob Nayyar I am on track to run a ½ marathon in September. Totally exceeded my expectations. I will cross that finish line. Mentally and physically I have never felt better.  

Kylie V.

I’m really impressed with the results I’ve seen with Rob and his FST practice thus far. As an athlete, I try my best to mobilize and be aware of weak links and inhibited ranges of motions in my body but am not always adept at fixing the issues at the root. I noticed an immediate improvement in range of motion after my first treatment with Rob and then several days later went on to PR both my clean and jerk and my snatch. Having the confidence to know that my body is in the exact position it needs to be in to lift and catch a maximal load safely and efficiently is crucial to my sport and I know I can achieve this with Rob and his FST practice.

Jo B.

Hey my name is Jo Bloemberg and I own a Distribution company in both Oakville and Calgary as well as a business Operations consultant in the GTA and surrounding area. I enjoy being a very active person, working out 4-5 days a week plus mountain biking, golf and yoga. I have been living with arthritis in my lower back and hips for the last few years an have tried many treatments including medicine, massage treatments, topical pain relief etc. and have not had any success relieving the constant pain while still trying to remain active.

When Rob began educating us on what FST is and what it can do for you, I thought this may be something to consider. After discussing FST with my Chiropractor, who supported this method, I decided to give it a try. After my first session, I felt pretty sore, like I had just done a MAJOR workout, but amazingly the next day my back and hips felt loose, and relatively pain free! We decided to do 3-4 sessions within a few days apart, in conjunction with Chiropractic treatments and after 2 weeks I noticed a significant difference, My range of motion increased, my fatigue decreased as I wasn’t straining or experiencing the pain I had in the past. I am now on a monthly “maintenance” program with both FST and Chiropractic care. I now feel like I am in the best physical and mental shape and can work out at my maximum level.

I would totally recommend this to anyone who suffers from the same type of arthritis, joint pain or in need of deep stretching as living relatively pain free without taking constant pain relievers has been a huge game changer!

I am a paediatric oncology nurse at the hospital for Sickkids part time and a full time mom juggling multiple schedules.  I spent most of my time growing up training as a pairs figure skater and my current workouts include muscle strength and endurance classes 5-6 times a week.  This lifestyle has put and continues to put stress and strain on my joints and muscles and overtime has created some chronic pain. I started FST sessions about 5 months ago for chronic low back pain, hip and shoulder pain and tightness.

Fascial Stretch Therapy has been an excellent treatment for me because it has released tight muscle groups in my low back and hips and reduced the chronic pain I was experiencing allowing improved range of motion, posture and form during my workouts. After my first session I experienced a noticeable difference in range of motion and flexibility. During subsequent sessions of FST, tightness and pain started to diminish. 5 months later FST has reduced this chronic tightness and pain significantly and now I use these sessions as a preventative treatment to avoid future injury and chronic stiffness in muscles and joints which also allows for optimal workout sessions.

I would recommend FST to anyone who is experiencing joint pain and tightness, injury recovery or for injury prevention. Individuals training for marathons, triathlons etc.. or setting intense workout goals would also benefit greatly from FST sessions!

Krista B.

Move like it matters is the perfect spot to get an amazing Fascial Stretch Therapy session and do some training! I have gotten FST from a number of different therapists and Rob's helped the most. He is super knowledgeable and attentive! I would recommend his facility for anyone looking to MOVE better!!

Laura M.

I've had moderate to sever back pain that has intensified over the past year from both disc and muscle issues. It was affecting every aspect of my life as there was no relief at any point and I was just getting used to living in pain. I went in with an open mind as I didn't know a ton about FST but had been recommended by a trusted Osteo who thought it would help me. I was just hoping that I could get some relief from the pain and discomfort I was feeling. The experience has been great. I found that with the stretching done hands on during sessions combined with the homework I've been given are making a noticeable difference within the few first sessions. We push to the limits of what I'm capable of but not past which is exactly what I was looking for based on my history. I have noticed a reduction in pain on most days and a complete disappearance on some days which hasn't happened for me in a long time. Each session seems to have a lasting effect that is improved from the previous session so I will continue with FST as part of my rehabilitation plan.

I have already recommended 2 people to FST over the past 2 weeks and anyone who asks what is making me feel better in my day to day, I would definitely tell them that FST is playing a large role in that.

Trevor L.